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2020 Youth Summer Reading Program

There are 3 Levels, and you need to earn 300 points in each of them.  You can earn points and badges through reading books, completing activities, and taking part in weekly programs.  You can even get Secret Codes for points.  After you complete Levels 1 and 2, your name will be entered in a prize drawing.  Then after Level 3, you will earn an SRP yard sign and prize bag.  There is so much fun that awaits you this summer, so good luck and keep on earning those badges and prizes!

2020 Young Adult Summer Reading Program

It's a Quaranteen summer, welcome 4th through 12th graders! We have an exciting program set up for you. Keep an eye out for secret codes, prizes, and crafts! 

2020 Adult Summer Reading Program

 Adults, enter the books you read over the summer to earn points and when you complete an activity click claimed to earn even more points. All of your points will add up to prizes. Don't forget to also participate in our adult programming throughout the summer. Summer Reading isn't just for kids!




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